From Gob Pile to Green Pile

In addition to ecology, efficient and economic recovery of coal must be ensured so that this innovative technology also remains economically viable. Greanex’s goal is to significantly reduce the number of polluting gob piles. Since it is crucial to have an adequate volume of high-quality coal with a corresponding grain size, sulfur content and energy content, Greanex prefers – in the first phase – older gob piles in the relevant coal fields of the United States. These sites must have appropriate licenses for processing the gob piles and should also be easily accessible.

After examining the location, existing permits, coal quality, environmental pollution, etc., the first step is to take samples and send these to the lab for final analysis.

Then, after successful analysis and contract signing with the owner of the gob piles, Greanex or an authorized partner coordinates all necessary work on the gob piles and hands it over at the end of the separation process as a virtually pollutant-free, recoverable residual gob piles. Greanex’s joint venture partner acquires the extracted coal based on a long-term master purchase contract.


Coal Recovery 45%
Pollutant Reduction 90%
Green Mining Technology 100%
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